The Toloso Primo Story

See the prototype in action. 3meg Quicktime Video.

Toloso sports has done it again. We've just created the newest concept in Unrestricted High Performance. Through painstaking product development, we've taken the awesome power of the Toloso Maximus and made it accessible to a winder range of players by stretching the barrel length. The generous sweet spot on this new bat is 13.5 inches long. We were also able to get the weight down and be the first to offer a titanium bat weighing in at a feather-light 26oz.

Next we looked to a sport that truly appreciates the unparalleled performance of titanium: golf. While softball players have been forced into buying disposable composite bats to get decent performance (some of you guys are buying three or four a year. But don’t worry, we won’t tell your wives); golfers have been using super-durable clubs with titanium hitting surfaces and carbon fiber shafts. They get long lasting clubs and insane performance.

Well for this bat we're following golf’s lead. We've taken a lightweight carbon fiber handle and connected it to a single wall titanium shell. This is genuine 15-3 Titanium: The same material that people are still raving about after over a decade, and has withstood thousands of hits. This is the same metal which was used for those legendary bats that came out of the early 90's, have been passed to numerous owners, and are demanding more money used today than when they were first introduced.

When we designed this bat we were just trying to get something with a long shell that was light weight. But with the transition in the taper from titanium to the thin 13/16" Carbon handle something special happens. The carbon helps the bat lose the vibration and hand stinging you would experience with missed hits on old titanium bats. And it changes the sound from the distinct ping of titanium to a different sound never really heard before from any bat.

While The Maximus was made for players who could hit at a high level, The Primo is made to give incredible power to players of all levels. Dangerous? Only if you’re stupid. Cool? Damn straight!

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We’ll make this straightforward and type slow (so even the morons can keep up). This bat is a throwback to the days when bats were simple. Instead of “wowing you with the science of our bat, we’ve decided to make a bat that focuses on one thing: smacking the ball like it owes us money (think back to the early nineties and you’ll know what we mean). So here’s about all you need to know:

15-3 Titanium
Yep, that’s right. This is the exact same material used in the early nineties to make those legendary bats that still cost you six months worth of beer money on eBay. Needless to say, safety equipment is no longer optional.

Heat Treatment
Processing 15-3 titanium isn’t a simple task. Too much or too little heat and your bat will either be too brittle or too soft (Damn, that’s a lot of “too”s). We’ve found the optimal heat treating process for this bat. How do we do it? Send us naked pictures of your wife, and then maybe we’ll tell you.

Ultra Thin Lightweight 13/16” Carbon Fiber Handle
Everyone loves a thin handle and we’ve made this one special. The light weight carbon fiber allows us to make this bat as light as 26 oz.; so even us lowly D and E players can get respectable bat speed with this brute. Also, we at Toloso encourage you to roll your own . . . grip tape. Different players prefer different grips so we leave this one entirely up to you. Just try not to make the bat look stupid; we’ve got a reputation to think about.

13.5” Hitting Surface
Something this long would feel right at home in an NBA locker room. With this super-long barrel EVERYONE can hit the sweet spot. And, even with this monster barrel, we’ve managed to keep the overall weight of the bat as low as 26 oz. Here, allow us to say it for you: “You guys are good!”

The Knob
Okay, so there’s not a lot you can say about a “knob”, but the word is fun to play with so we thought we’d mention ours here. The knob is designed for optimal comfort and grip. Once you wrap your hands around our knob, you won’t want to let go.

Power Transfer End Cap
This is where it gets really good. All bats are custom poured by our resident Bat Doctor, who won’t just end load your bat with extra polyurethane (which can lead to backfill into the barrel); he adds lead shot to the pour. Why? Because he’s as crazy about power as you are. And besides, that’s what we pay him to do; so shut up and get to work bee-otch!

This is our Doctors waiting room. Your custom bat will ship Asap.

Here is our carbon fibre Shaft it is a stiffend E glass material.
Here is our titanium tube, we take a 14" tube and turn down the end to match the taper of our handle.
We take the handle and slide it through the bat barrel until they lock in place.
a true 2 piece bat, not two materials working inside of each other this is a hype thin single wall titanium barrel with a light weight carbon fibre handle just attached together at the taper.
this shows the inside of the bat, it is hard to see because of lighting but the handle is visable inside the barrel down inside just at the taper. There is small gap between the taper of the barrel and the taper of the handle this allows us to use a rubber base glue that helps loose vibration from when you hit a ball on the barrel and vibration travels to the handle. it eliminates hand sting and tunes down the long loud ting of titanium. This pic also show how thin the walls are, try this with any other material and you get dented or busted equipment before I can yell Yhatzee !!!

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