The History of Titanium Bats
Titanium, the super metal in sports like golf and cycling was an easy choice for determined bat makers. When titanium bats were introduced in the early to mid 1990s their performance was so incredible it bordered on silly. Organized softball didnít know how to handle this type of power, so the bats were banned in sanctioned play. Here is a brief history of the major titanium bats.

Easton Typhoon 34" 28 & 30 OZ - 53 thousandths wall welded Tube

This bat was made with Ti metal Titanium 15-3, slightly different but very similar material to 15-3-3-3. The bat was made from a pie shape and rolled and welded. This is probably the most uniquely made bat you'll ever find, but certainly not the best. The 53 thousandths wall and the weld created a dead spot, and you can see a slightly darker line down the barrel of the bat. This bat had a head start and it was the first ever produced. It retailed for $500.00 and approximately 5000 were produced.

Worth 51 Wall Gold Titanium / Titanium 2 / Stinger 34" 28 & 30 oz seamless tube

These bats were made with 15-3-3-3 titanium using a seamless tube. The Gold is the hottest one of the lot, but all are good. The Gold one is almost identical to the TPS (they were made by the same company). The Titanium 2 and stinger series were just 2nd and 3rd generations because of demand. The only difference in the bats that we could find is probably in the heat treat process. The Gold did not last as long as the 2nd and 3rd generations, but they were not as hot as the Gold. This was also the first manufacturer to have an aluminum knob welded to a titanium bat. These all retailed for $700.00 and approximately 3000 of each were produced.

TPS Titanium 34" 28 & 30 oz seamless Tube

This was made in the same Factory as Gold and Worth produced this bat. The seamless tube has 51 thousandths wall thickness. We speculate they had good heat treating on these parts along with the ahead of its time PowerDome End cap which made this the hottest of the bunch. Only 1500 were ever made and most went to sponsor teams. The few that were retailed were $800.00. This was not as durable as others and that combined with so few ever produced makes this a very scarce bat.

Other Manufacturers
We have heard stories about Debeers, Steeles and a couple of others but we have not been able to get our hands on any since we started this quest. We have declined to purchase any on online auctions unless they are in original condition because we wanted to make sure it was really what it said it was. While we are fairly certain they did exist we have no data on these bats.

If any one has anything of offer to this you can email it to us and we will consider all information for this page. Please include any pictures if you can.

TOLOSO / Maximus 34" 28 & 30 oz - Seamless Tube

The Toloso Maximus is the hottest bat ever produced (total unrestricted high performance). This bat has no chance of ever passing any BPF Test. Maximus is Italian for "Greatest" . . . and it is.

The Maximus is made from a very strong proprietary Titanium similar in make up to 15-3-3-3, but its heat treated to a softer state. The durability and sweet spot is increased with the carbon fiber inner wall. The custom fitted inner wall, inside the thinnest wall seamless bat ever produced (yes, it is thinner than 51 thousandths) makes the Maximus the first true upgrade in titanium bats in nearly a decade. The gap between the walls creates a distinct crack upon impact; itís different than the "Ting" of old titanium. Each Maximus is individually serial numbered from 1-1000. Only 1000 will ever be made, making the Maximus the hottest and rarest ti ever. The Maximus is a must have for serious collectors as there will be NO second runs.

The 13/16" handle is the thinnest ever on a titanium, but we didnít stop there. We also took it to a new level by drilling out the handle from the inside. By doing this we were able to get the weight down and end load the bat (damn, weíre good). Its not easy, but nothing about this project has been.

TOLOSO / Primo

Toloso sports has done it again. We've just created the newest concept in Unrestricted High Performance. Through painstaking product development, we've taken the awesome power of the Toloso Maximus and made it accessible to a winder range of players by stretching the barrel length. The generous sweet spot on this new bat is 13.5 inches long. We were also able to get the weight down and be the first to offer a titanium bat weighing in at a feather-light 26oz.

Next we looked to a sport that truly appreciates the unparalleled performance of titanium: golf. While softball players have been forced into buying disposable composite bats to get decent performance (some of you guys are buying three or four a year. But donít worry, we wonít tell your wives); golfers have been using super-durable clubs with titanium hitting surfaces and carbon fiber shafts. They get long lasting clubs and insane performance.

Well for this bat we're following golfís lead. We've taken a lightweight carbon fiber handle and connected it to a single wall titanium shell. This is genuine 15-3 Titanium: The same material that people are still raving about after over a decade, and has withstood thousands of hits. This is the same metal which was used for those legendary bats that came out of the early 90's, have been passed to numerous owners, and are demanding more money used today than when they were first introduced.

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